Restricted Substances Testing

Reliability Testing

Why Test Polymers?
Polymer testing and analysis employs both physical and analytical methods to verify the chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties of a polymeric material. These properties are instrumental in making sure that the polymer part will perform as required by the end user.
For example, we can verify if the parts are the proper material using FT-IR, check for contamination using DSC, and then determine if the parts are degraded using the melt flow indexer. Additionally, mechanical tests such as durometer hardness, izod impact, tensile, and flexural strength are useful in determining the mechanical integrity of a part.
By using our FT-IR we can determine the composition of organic thin films, surface contamination, fibers or composites. Additionally, thermal characterization can assist in determining performance, process capabilities, quality, and aid in product development.
Polymer Testing and Analysis Capabilities
Failure Analysis of Plastics and Polymers
Tensile Strength of Films, Fibers, and Coatings
Flexural Strength
Modulus by Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) or Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)
Durometer Hardness
Compression Set for Durability and Elasticity
Izod, Charpy, Impact Testing
Heat Deflection Temperature Under Load (DTUL)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) by TMA
Heat Aging and Thermal Stability
Accelerated Weathering (UV degradation)
Dielectric Strength/Breakdown
Glass Transition (Tg), Melting point, Crystallinity, and Heat Capacity (DSC)
Gloss and Color
Filler Content, Dehydration/Desolvation, and Decomposition Analysis (TGA)
Polymer Identification (FT-IR)
Inherent/Intrinsic Viscosity

Melt Flow Rate

Mechanical Testing: 

PTS Testingg Service offers a complete range of mechanical testing services. Additionally, a well-equipped in-house machine shop provides timely preparation of test specimens or any special fixturing. Besides the regularly conducted tensile, hardness, impact, load, pressure and fatigue tests, our experienced test engineers can also help you design custom testing programs to evaluate your products. Tests are performed using tools, machines, fixtures, and processes that evaluate the performance of products by simulating real life conditions. Whether it is life cycle testing of playground slides or performance testing of automotive steering pumps,PTS Testingg Service has the experience and capabilities to satisfy your needs.
Tensile Testing |  Fatigue Testing  | Pressure Leak Testing | Weld Testing

Environmental Testing

PTS Testingg Service can assist you in determining if your component is durable enough to withstand environmental stresses that are common in the life cycle of most products. Our national and international customers have come to rely on PTS Testingg Service state-of-the-art lab to give dependable and reliable test results. Some of our most common projects include High and Low Temperature/Humidity Exposures, Accelerated Corrosion, Thermal Shock, and Contamination by Fluids in accordance with industry and military standards. In addition, we routinely perform Xenon Arc and Fluorescent U.V. Weathering per automotive specifications. Vibration qualifications are used as a requirement for military, aerospace, automotive, electrical/electronic and nuclear industries for failure prevention and continued operation. Our vibration capabilities test for structural integrity, resonance search and dwell, shock, drop and tumble, and resistance to seismic activity.
Temperature/Humidity Testing | Accelerated Corrosion | Thermal Shock | Salt Spray Testing

Metallurgical Analysis: 

PTS Testingg Service engineers analyze a variety of metals, ceramics and composites each day and perform metallurgical evaluations for quality assurance, failure analysis, reverse engineering, and litigation support purposes. Whether it is a routine microstructural exam, phase percentage determination, or a case depth verification, our metallurgists will consult with you to determine the full scope of your project—factors such as the material of manufacture, the size and shape of the component, and wording of the specification influence the testing decisions.
Failure Analysis | SEM/EDS | Material Identification | Reverse Engineering | First Article Inspection

Restricted Substances Testing
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