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Failure Analysis

Whether you are investigating a single component or dealing with a complete system failure, you can rely on the PTS Testing Service Failure Analysis Group’s expertise and testing techniques to meet your full failure analysis needs. From fatigue fractures to formability problems, corrosion to wear, our analysts will perform a root cause failure analysis and then assist in plans for prevention. PTS Testing Service metallurgists and professional engineers routinely conduct these services on a wide variety of materials, including steels, stainless steels, super alloys, aluminum, copper and titanium alloys, plastics, ceramics and glass for companies from all types of industries.
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PTS Testing Service performs FTIR analysis (Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) as a method to positively identify polymers, organic compounds, and — in some cases — inorganic materials.
FTIR — The First Step in Material Evaluation
FT-IR analysis generates unique combinations of absorption peaks reflecting energies absorbed by chemical bonds present in the material, acting as a finger print of the material. By comparing IR spectrum of unknown material with thousands of available IR spectra in IR libraries, an unknown material can be quickly identified. The results of FT-IR analysis lay the foundation for other material testing techniques.
Why Choose PTS Testing Service FTIR Analysis Services
PTS Testing Service Nicolet 380 FT-IR is equipped with low pressure diamond anvil cell, which can handle solid or liquid samples in their natural state at very small sample sizes, such as a single fiber or a speck that is half a millimeter in size. In most cases, the FT-IR analysis performed at PTS Testing Service is virtually non-destructive.
PTS Testing Service has a team of very knowledgeable scientists working on a variety of FT-IR analysis projects on a daily basis. FT-IR analysis has been utilized for material identification, contamination analysis, purity assessment, cleanliness test, failure analysis, and other unique testing projects.

What is FTIR?
FTIR testing (Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) is used to determine the spectral characteristics of solids, liquids, or gases. The analysis involves obtaining an FTIR spectral curve or spectrum that is searched against a spectral database containing thousands of polymers and organic compounds in an attempt to determine the composition or identity of the unknown sample. The technique is used to differentiate between different polymer types such as polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon to name a few.
How FTIR Testing Works
At its core, the intention of FTIR analysis involves obtaining detailed properties of certain unknown compounds and polymers that may be present in a particular material. When IR radiation excites a sample, some of the radiation is absorbed and some is transmitted resulting in a fingerprint of the functional groups present in the sample of interest. These fingerprints are unique to each material tested and therefore FTIR is very good at determining the composition and identity of a variety of chemical compounds. Because of the nature of this type of analysis as well as its success ratio, FTIR is also commonly used to identify polymers and other chemical compounds such as:
Consumer grade products
Organic acids and salts
Petroleum products (unique oils and greases)
Pharmaceutical products
PTS Testing Service Commitment to Quality
At PTS Testing Service, we want to provide excellent customer service by offering accurate analysis performed in technically advanced labs at an economical price. In addition to friendly service and quick turnarounds, PTS Testing Service is committed to quality assurance by holding multiple certifications and accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and 10CFR50 App. B. If you are looking for FTIR Testing Services and need actionable, dependable testing results please contact Applied Technical Services for more information.
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