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Brief Introduction To MSDS

MSDS is called as Material Safety Data Sheet.In European Countries,MSDS is also called as SDS(Safety Data Sheet).International Standardization Organization (ISO)11014 adopts SDS terms.However,the United State,Canada,Australiaand lots of Asian countries adopt MSDS terms.

MSDS is a kind of comprehensive legal document on chemical features to customer offered by producing or selling enterprise according to legal offers sixteen sections including physical/chmical properties,flammability,hazards identification,handling and storage,accidental release measures,first aid measures and regulatory information.Presently International Programme on Chemical Safety compiles a document similar to MSDS,namely International Chemical Safety Card(ICSC).ICSC likes MSDS introduce relative health and safety application information of chemicals.So far,1,300 chemicals possess ICSC.Except for English,ICSC has been translated into other 13 languages.However,Icsc han no chemical management acts from govemmental institutes,at the same time,some R-Phrases are not available in lots of countries.So ICSC is not a legal document,and cannot take the place of MSDS circulating internationally.

MSDS position in international trade

The laws in theUntiedStateand European countries have strict requirements for environment and occupatioal health.In chemical International trade,customers always ask for MSDS before purchasing chemicals.

Supplier shall abide legal requirement,and supply MSDS in accordance with regulatory requirement in the customer country in time.In the Unted State,Canada,and European countries,a great many of large and medium size enterprises set hazardous by chemical suppliers,which passing audit can keep the right totake next business contact with purchasing department.

Difficulty in making high-quality MSDS

Difficulty in making quality MSDS in accordance with regulatory requirements:except for testing physical/chemical properties of chemical,toxicity data testing charge of chemical is too expensive.lf chemical is compound product,or mixes addition reagent,or contains secondry products,the compiler can hardly make accurate estimation on toxicity.lf MSDS offered by supplier gets mistakes or is inconsistent with the facts,or keep hazards identification back intentionally,which resulf in personnel hurt or environmental,pollution of users,users always require MSDS offering unit shall bear corresponding legal responsibility.Secondly,compiled MSDS shall be in accordance with regulations on hazardous chemical in the country and of the buyer.But different countries even different states in the same country have their own different requirent for MSDS.In addition,NTP publicize new cancerogenous substances once every two years,which makes more difficulty of compiling MSDS in accordance with requirement.

Influence of MSDS on exporting enterprise product

In intemational trade,MSDS quality is also an important symbol to measure company strengthen,image and management level,and high quality chemical getting high quality MSDS surely can increses more business is very important to ask expert at international level to compile high standard MSDS in order to promote success of internationade,for it is effective image advertisement for the entenrprise,with relatively low charge.

It can promote chemical product smoothly to enter international chemical market,improve international competitiveness of product,and imrowve from cut throat competition of Chinese export chemical price to benign competition of enterprise brand and product standard.

What MSDS is? And What is MSDS?

MSDS is called as Material Safety Data Sheet.

In European countries, MSDS is also called as SDS (Safety Data Sheet). International Standardization Organization (ISO) 11014 adopts SDS terms. However, the United State, Canada,Australiaand lots of Asian countries adopt MSDS terms.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is an important document to transfer material hazard identification.

It briefly introduces hazards to human health and environment of certain material, and offer information about safety transportation, storage, and application of such material.

Presently, developed countries like the United State, Japan, EU countries generally establish and carry out MSDS system. According to chemicals management regulations of these countries, manufacturer of harmful chemicals often offer MSDS of such products while selling, transporting, and exporting their products.

Do non-dangerous articles need MSDS?

Non-dangerous articles generally refer to articles with very low toxicity, non-flammable and low activity. If you can light them with torch safely, hit them with hammer, and eat them with scoop, then no MSDS is needed for them.

Our knowledge of the world is deepened and corrected gradually. Potential influence of many materials, which may be irreversible toxicity to human body like side effect of various medicines, are found after years application. Shall we take relative protection until the hazard is found and relative policy is carried out? Instead, we shall advocate MSDS for all chemicals, and upgrade relatively MSDS with deep research and discover. Laws and regulations for chemical safety management in each country are revised according to deep discover of scientific research, so shall you make MSDS in a hurry until new laws and regulations are carried out?

Does material sold in domestic market need MSDS?

Some enterprises think their products sold in domestic market need no MSDS to meet demands of oversea chemical management regulations. That is not the case. Development of Chinese chemical industry trends to standardization and internationalization. Presently, Chinese industry has no unification for MSDS requirement because of incomplete development. With joining in WTO, more open market and keener competition will requirement more standardized products. MSDS at international level will represent international standardization of products.

The greatest function of MSDS is to offer hazard identification of relevant chemical to protect user of the chemical herein. Presently occupational disease and abominable working environment is the nerve-wracking problem in the chemical industry for most operators in chemical industry are not aware of knowledge and protection at this aspect. Presently, our country has realized and is beginning compilation of regulations for chemical management to protect safety of operators in chemical exposure, and we are taking part in this matter actively. It is imperative that MSDS will be promoted and popularized in the chemical industry, and MSDS system in line with international norms will be established in the near future.

MSDS seems ID card of chemical, with which, user, transporter, and manufacturer can take effective protection and precaution to chemical hazards as well as for easy registration of management. With MSDS, you can seize the market firstly. Who does not want to possess high quality product? What are you waiting? MSDS can lead your product quality to a internationalization stage.

Can manufacturers compile MSDS themselves?

MSDS shall be compiled according to laws and regulations of material-exporting country. While compiling, we shall consider difference of laws and regulations in each country even each state of theUnitedStatefor chemicals management. It is the difference to make different compiling requirement of MSDS of import chemicals, as well as one of the biggest difficulties of compiling MSDS for manufacturer themselves, with no consideration of few MSDS compiling talents in China. Furthermore, each specialized compiling talent are unable to be expert familiar with laws of each importing country and international general regulations and find to use global legal research database. It is a long haul for manufacturers to train specialized talents compiling MSDS themselves, as well quality and accuracy of MSDS get no guarantee. In addition, MSDS compiling person must master laws and regulations for chemical safety management of new country expanded in product market. In view of two aspects involving economic benefit and profit, it is not suitable for manufacturers to compile MSDS themselves. It is the best choice to entrust MSDS compiling company.

The substance or preparation supplier should provide sds (Safety Data Sheet which is satisfying the REACH attachment II ) to the recipient.So what is SDS,what’s the meaning of it?According to regulations, SDS is a comprehensive chemical safety information related legal documents  which the dangerous chemicals production or sales companies should provide to customers ,and such a legal document which enables users to take the necessary measures, in order to protect the health and workplace safety and protect the environment.
What kind of chemicals need to provide the SDS
Chemical supplier should  send the SDS to all downstream users, distributors when they firstly provide the substance or preparation .When the substance or preparation consists of the following any situation, all need to make the SDS.
a.When a substance or preparation conforms to the DSD (548/67 / EEC instructions) or DPD (45/1999 / EEC directive) classified as dangerous goods ;or
b.According to the standards in annex XIII,persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances (PBT-substances), and very persistent and very bioaccumulative substances (vPvB-substances).
c.When the substance is not conform to the a, b, but was placed on the candidate list.
The of SDS contains  16 contents ,covers the enterprise information, hazard identification, chemical composition, physical and chemical parameters, the ecological and toxicological information, prevention and control measures, transportation, disposal, first aid and fire fighting measures, etc.

Restricted Substances Testing
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