Restricted Substances Testing

OPP Testing

Ortho-Phenylphenol (OPP) is white tabular crystal and important new type of fine chemical products and organic intermediators mainly used in the fields of sterilizing, antisepticising, printing and dyeing assistant, surface active agent, stabilizers and fire retardant of composing new type of plastic , colophony and macromolecule material, etc..

OPP is mainly used as antiseptic in the bactericide of fiber, leather, wood, fruit and vegetable; as printing and dyeing assistant in dyeing carrier of polyester fibers to increase the its dyeing ability. So it can be used as carrier of terylene’s dip-dye with disperse dyes in common condition.

OPP has biotoxicity and will harm to human health when it remains in textiles and clothing. Its animal experiments shows that it has carcinogenicity and may be the environmental hormonal. So OPP is the important monitoring and control project of textiles ecological performance. Oeko—Tex Standard 100(2009) passed in some countries of EU requires that the limited value of OPP is 50.0 u g/g for baby articles and 100.0 u g/g for others. Our national standard GB/T18885-2002 Technical Specification for Eco-Textiles is established referring to Oeko—Tex Stand 200(2002)
Restricted Substances Testing
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